How much space do you need for the setup?

Preferably we need about 10' x 10' between backdrop, prop table and the photo box. But we can make it fit anywhere, we've done an event in a 5' x 5' space. We get creative 🙂

For the 360 photo booth, we need 10' x 10' space

How much time do you need to setup?

We typically arrive an hour before the event to setup for a standard open air photo booth. A 360 is about 1.5 hours and for any custom design, our team will communicate with you prior to the event the time needed for setup

How does a 360 photo booth work?

Similar to the red carpet at the Emmy's or Oscar's our 360 booth will record a short video and our system will apply special effects like slow motion, speed up and add music to the video output. A guest will stand on a stationary platform while the camera attached to an arm will spin around the guest recording a 360 view.

How are the 360 videos shared?

Immediately after the guest has recorded the video, they are able to receive the file via AirDrop, text (SMS), email or scan a QR code to download the files to their phone/device

Does the 360 platform spin?

No, the platform stays put while the arm with the camera spins around to record

Do I get a copy of the pictures or videos for my event?

We provide a dedicated gallery specific to each event. These pictures and videos are watermark free and can be easily downloaded

Can my friends share the pictures taken from the booth?

Yes, pictures are instantly uploaded to our gallery so your friends and families can view and share on social media or keep a copy for themselves

Can the printed photos have a customized layout design?

Of course, we pride ourselves in customizing each event to match the party's theme. This includes backdrops and the layout of the prints. Our team of experienced graphic designers create anything. If you can imagine it, we can design it. 

What if my event is outdoor?

Due to unpredictable weather and the sun, this could affect the outcome of the photos. We suggest being in a shaded and leveled area, preferably against a wall in order to get the possible quality. There is a $150 additional fee for outdoor events.

An outlet is NOT required for our equipment. Our system runs on battery

Can I use my own backdrop?

Of course! our setup can accommodate backdrops sizes from 4' to 8'. Please let our team know ahead of time so the proper arrangements can be done

Can I use my own props?

We encourage everyone to express themselves, bring whatever silly hat or loud shirt you have and strike a pose!

What if I don't know how to pose?

No problem! Our attendants are professional posers. We can show you a few moves here and there

Can you provide a guestbook for guest to sign-in?

We offer a variety of guestbooks to match your theme. Our basic guestbook starts at $75 plus $50/hour for service. This includes directing guests to the guestbook as well as managing and maintaining the guestbook station.

What is the difference between unlimited sessions vs unlimited prints?

All our packages come with unlimited sessions. This means you and your guests can take as many photos as you want within the booked time. This usually comes with ONE high-quality print. 

Unlimited Prints mean that guests can print as many copies as they please. As long as it doesn't interfere with the event. This add-on is $100/hour

We also offer double prints for $50/hour extra (usually one for client and the other copy for the guests)